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TSP Reflex-50 Award Off

44,90 €
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Nombre de Couches : 5+2
Poids des bois (grammes) : 82
Catégorie du bois : OFF
Epaisseur des bois (mm) : 5.8
Ce bois offensif sensible avec un système d’amortissement Reflex de la moitié de la longueur que la poignée a, va devenir, dans peu de temps, le best-seller (la meilleure vente) TSP en Europe et au Japon. Beaucoup des meilleurs joueurs TSP se reposent sur le TSP Reflex 50 Award.

Commentaires des clients

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23/01/16 Great quality blade that is half the price of elsewhere Commenté par Andrew Pape
I normally buy from a reputable local dealer who has good prices, but still has to charge double because he gets his TSP equipment from a different source.

I first heard about this blade when learning that Australian star player Miao Miao used it. I was a copy cat and bought one locally with the same pips rubbers she used. It was awesome. High quality manufacture from TSP.

I later switched to inverted rubbers (heavy these days) and found these blades too heavy.

Now that I've got rsi from playing with a 200g bat, I have switched to using this TSP blade but with pips on the BH and lost 18 g. I have used pips in the past so the change was ok. I like having a combo bat and attacking fast from close behind the table.

A practice partner said that after we've played as few as 4 balls in a rally, the spins get mixed up badly and he suffers. The pips I use are short (spectol 21 offensive - the new spectol version), but they are also deceptive, and act a bit like long pips, easily turning backspin into light topspin. The result is that the ball drops off the bat of opponents who stand close to the table, and when they back off, I can easily play dead dropshots with a soft pips touch.

I use smooth rubber on the FH for looping and the spectol for fast BH attack. This is a good combination.

I'm a BH player, so am not covering up for a weak BH by using the pips. I don't suggest you do that. The pips tend to give the ball a straight line trajectory, which means that it's easy to net the ball or hit it straight off the table. The inverted rubber is much easier to use, but unfortunately easy for your opponent to play against.

I've given up a BH loop by using the pips on BH, but play a fast BH game instead, being a speed player more than a spin player. My current TSP bat, from this site, that I'm reviewing, is 160 g, which is lighter than avg and fine for me. Very satisfied customer. I still make sure to specify the weight of blades before buying, so saved a few grams. I find 5 g makes a noticeable difference. I bought the rubbers from this site, the inverted one being Tibhar Evolution. The earlier model Tibhar Nimbus Soft works well on this bat too, and is cheaper and lighter. Very satisfied customer.
TSP Reflex-50 Award Off